Why Great Negotiators Earn More Money, By Katie Shonk

Why Great Negotiators Earn More Money


“Great negotiators understand that the more issues they add to the negotiation, the more money they are likely to make.”  https://www.pon.harvard.edu/daily/salary-negotiations/great-negotiators-earn-money/

Having been a student of the Program on Negotiation, this philosophy is well instilled in my mediations – before, during and even after sessions.  This article may lend us additional ways to maximize the benefits of pre-session work;  expand the scope of consideration and enhance outcomes.

Why Great Negotiators Earn More Money

About Maria Hanna Joseph

Maria Hanna Joseph, principal of Joseph Mediation, is an Attorney-Mediator who is highly regarded for her experience and ability to resolve employment, workplace and organizational disputes. She has served more than 2,000 matters over her 20 years as a mediator and her 29 year employment law career. With care, expedience and economy, Maria helps attorneys and parties achieve settlement in nearly every mediation. Moreover, her pragmatism and perseverance bring about purposeful settlements; products of Maria's insight and creativity, gained by her depth of experience and training. These qualities, along with her demeanor and the trust she engenders, have earned Maria a reputation for being able to manage extremely challenging circumstances and settle a wide variety of cases. Maria is available to provide services in-person or virtually (utilizing teleconference and desk-top videoconference resources) throughout Massachusetts, New England and the U.S.
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