A Mediator Who Understands What’s Important During and After Settlement

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Utilizing Online (Videoconference) Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) such as Zoom, I am settling cases, parties are conserving resources, and people are moving on. (See post.)

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Time and money are the obvious costs of conflict, but disputes in the workplace can cause other harm, too.  The quality of your settlement, in addition to your ability to settle, will largely depend upon choosing the right mediator.

Maria Joseph is an experienced mediator who has extensively dealt with many workplace and related business issues, dynamics and conflicts, settlement negotiations and settlement terms.  She is someone who understands what’s important in the heat of the moment and after the case is over.  As a result, Maria can help you achieve a settlement that protects or even enhances important concerns such as:

  • Productivity
  • Focus
  • Value, Reputation (Professional and Personal)
  • Sale, Investment and/or Growth Viability
  • Human Resources
    • Morale
    • Retention
    • Quality of Performance
  • Relationships, inside and outside the workplace

For years, attorneys and parties have trusted Maria to help them achieve settlement with pragmatic results in workplace, business, domestic and other areas.  

Maria is available for full and half day sessions to address conflict at any stage and in any forum, including those early or late in agency administration or court litigation, pre-filed matters, as well as those which have not risen to the level of a formal dispute, such as providing organizational dispute resolution.  She may also be available on short notice.  Learn more about Maria and the services she provides here.

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