A Mediator Who Understands What’s At Stake

… and how to help you protect it.  Time and money are the obvious resources that conflict bleeds.  Disputes in the workplace can also significantly harm:

  • Productivity
  • Staying relevant, aka getting back to one’s job
    • Be it with the same or a different employer, or
    • The work of your business
  • Reputation (Business and Personal)
  • Business or Professional Value
  • Sale, Investment and/or Growth Viability
  • Human Resources
    • Morale
    • Retention
    • Quality of Performance
  • Relationships, inside and outside the place of employment

Your “success” in resolving your conflict will depend on choosing the right neutral.  Choose one who’s probably seen more than you, more than others, who gets what’s at stake, and who can help you avoid pitfalls you haven’t thought of yet.

For years, attorneys and parties have trusted Ms. Joseph to help them achieve settlement and highly satisfying results in workplace, business, domestic and other mediations.  She settles more than 90% of her cases.  Some of the qualities that set her apart in doing so are having:

  • Served more than 2,000 employment / workplace disputes as a neutral
  • 19 years of experience as an employment / workplace mediator, yielding
    • Sharply honed skills in discerning and managing interpersonal dynamics and individual needs (professional and personal)
    • Exposure to a broad array of issues and concerns, and options to address them that bring about settlement
    • A keen grasp of the nuances and multi-faceted aspects of a variety of workplace environs (private, public, small, large, unionized, etc.), intra-personnel disputes and their sources, disciplinary processes, business practices and concerns, employer and employee obligations, and hierarchical dynamics
    • Second nature agility and confidence in employment related conflicts
  • 27-years experience in employment law, including litigation experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, engraining
    • Deep subject matter and process knowledge
    • High efficiency in preparing for and conducting settlement discussions
  • Complementary, and often scale-tipping, soft skills (especially useful in workplace disputes), such as strong, sincere inter-personal listening and communication skills which engender trust and can be vital to reaching settlement

Together, Ms. Joseph’s qualities bring out the best in participants’ abilities to settle by helping them make meaningful decisions and achieve finality.

Ms. Joseph is available to address conflict at any stage and in any forum, including those early or late in litigation, pre-filed matters, as well as matters which do not or have not risen to the level of a formal dispute, such as intra-organizational conflicts.  She may also be available on short notice.

Full and half day sessions are available for scheduling.

Mediations are provided in the following and related areas:

• Employment Disputes Of All Kinds
• *Discrimination (Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation)
• *Harrassment
• Civil Rights
• Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
• Wrongful Termination
• Wrongful Constructive Discharge
• Misclassification
• Whistleblower
• Wage & Hour
• Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
• Maternity/Paternity/Family Leave, Accommodations
• Workers’ Compensation
• Non-Competition/Non-Compete Agreements
• Non-Disclosure/NDA Matters
• Separation/Severance Agreements
• Restrictive Covenants
• Retaliation
• Business
• Contractual Matters
• Personal Injury
• Insured Matters
• Intellectual Property
• Real Estate
• Condominium Disputes
• Construction Matters
• Divorce and Domestic Separation
• Domestic Conflicts
• Breach of Contract
• Other

* EEOC / MCAD Cases & Claims
• Sex • Gender Identity • Sexual Orientation
• Sexual Harassment • Retaliation
• Race • Color • Age • Religious Creed
• Handicap (Disability) • Pregnancy
• Mental Illness • National Origin • Ancestry

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