Work With An Experienced, Trusted Mediator

Mediation is an effective and economical way of handling disputes.  The success of the process and your satisfaction, however, will depend on choosing the right neutral to work with.

For 19 years, Maria Hanna Joseph has helped attorneys and parties achieve highly satisfying results in mediation.  She also conducts anti-discrimination training and investigations regarding allegations of workplace misconduct.

  • Ms. Joseph has served more than 2,000 cases as a neutral.
  • She has 27-years experience as an employment law attorney, which include litigation representing both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Ms. Joseph’s extensive case work has sharply honed her knowledge, experience, understanding and efficacy in managing interpersonal dynamics and mediating workplace, business and domestic/family disputes.
  • Her degree of case experience has exposed her to a broad variety of issues, concerns and ways to reach resolution.
  • She appreciates the sensitive, multi-faceted aspects of conflict and workplace interactions.
  • She possesses strong inter-personal listening and communication skills which set her apart in her practice.
  • No less, Ms. Joseph’s integrity and sincerity engender trust among individuals and management, alike, which may be the most important attribute in mediating, training and investigating.

Together, Ms. Joseph’s qualities bring out the best in participants’ abilities to make meaningful decisions and reach efficient, worthwhile outcomes.

Ms. Joseph is available to mediate in the following and related areas:

• *Employment
• Business
• Retaliation
• **Discrimination (Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation)
• **Harrassment
• Non-Competition/Non-Compete Agreements
• Non-Disclosure/NDA Matters
• Contractual Matters
• Restrictive Covenants
• Personal Injury
• Insured Matters
• Intellectual Property
• Real Estate
• Condominium Disputes
• Construction Matters
• Divorce and Domestic Separation
• Domestic Conflicts
• Defamation
• Breach of Contract
• Other

* Wrongful Termination
• Constructive Discharge
• Separation/ Severance Agreements
• Misclassification
• Whistleblower
• Wage & Hour
• Workers’ Compensation
• Retaliation

** EEOC / MCAD Cases & Claims
• Sex • Gender Identity • Sexual Orientation
• Sexual Harassment • Retaliation
• Race • Color • Age • Religious Creed
• Handicap (Disability) • Mental Illness
• National Origin • Ancestry

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