Why Mediate?

When astutely conducted, a mediated outcome provides many benefits over litigating, including immediate finality to the dispute. Mediation with Ms. Joseph is particularly effective because her style:

  • Focuses on practical decision-making; does not require you to concede principles.
  • Is economical. You’ll usually spend a few hours to a day mediating with Ms. Joseph, rather than weeks, months or years in protracted negotiations or litigation.
  • Capitalizes on mediation as a concentrated opportunity — perhaps the most effective catalyst for success. Ms. Joseph prepares you and all essential decision-makers to sharply focus on reaching resolution on the day of mediation.
  • Helps you craft situationally-relevant agreements and, thus, eliminate the risk of an imposed, less satisfying outcome.
  • Pays attention to the particulars of agreements to fortify enduring commitments.

Choose Ms. Joseph as your mediator and make the most of the opportunity to settle and finalize your dispute.   Contact her today to discuss your matter.