Why Mediate?

When astutely conducted, a mediated outcome provides many benefits over litigating, and more than immediate finality to the dispute. In these regards, Maria is notably effective.  Both evaluative and facilitative, Maria:

  • Is knowledgeable.  She is an experienced trial attorney, employment law practitioner and has broad experience with settlement arrangements to draw from. 
  • Is economical. You’ll usually spend a few hours to a day mediating with Ms. Joseph, rather than weeks, months or years in protracted litigation.
  • Focuses on practical decision-making; she does not expect you to concede principles.
  • Is persevering, maximizing participants’ concentrated attention on reaching finality — perhaps the most effective catalyst for success. Maria prepares you and all essential decision-makers to sharply focus on reaching resolution on the day of mediation.
  • Helps you craft a situationally-relevant agreement based on the interests and needs at hand and, thus, leave with a useful, enduring outcome.

Choose Maria as your mediator and make the most of the opportunity to settle and finalize your dispute.   Contact her today to discuss your matter.