I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the amazing effort you put forth yesterday even when I became ‘difficult’ and ornery! You saw to it that all options were properly presented to [my client] and his wife. I was ready to stir things up but your cool calm demeanor saved the day and allowed for the absolute best possible outcome given the circumstances as a whole. You were the voice of reason and you were amazing! The mediation is confidential but if there is anything I can do to let all of the powers that be know about your outstanding achievement please let me know. You taught me a great lesson yesterday.

You are the best Maria and I am lucky to be able to work with you.

Thank you and all the best always,

E.A., Esq.

Dear Chairwoman Williamson and Deputy General Counsel Gyebi,

I feel compelled to write to both of you in praise of Maria Joseph. I had a mediation with her yesterday…quite a lengthy one at that from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Maria went non-stop even though we were scheduled only until 1:00pm. She was the voice of reason for my client and for me as well. Given that the mediation is confidential I won’t go into detail except to say that the issues facing [my client] were complicated and an easy resolution was not to be had. Maria’s dogged determination saved the day, saved my reputation and saved both my client and the defending parties from making big mistakes going forward. Thanks to Maria’s extraordinary patience and unparalleled skill we reached an amicable solution and we all left feeling satisfied that we achieved the best outcome.

I have worked with Maria in the past and she is always wonderful but yesterday she went above and beyond. She taught me not to be too hasty, to let the process work and it did indeed work all thanks to Maria Joseph. She is an outstanding asset … and I consider myself lucky to be able to work with her.


E.A., Esq. (July 2015)

Dear Maria,

Thank you for the sensitive, professional and effective manner in which you mediated our earlier dispute.  Through your efforts, not only were we able to resolve differences that had seemed invincible a week earlier, but my client achieved a peace and acceptance that seemed unobtainable for over three years.  You really are very good.

W.M.R., Esq.

I have utilized Maria’s mediation services on several occasions and she is on the top rung of my list of mediators in employment disputes. She is very effective in moving parties that are reluctant to move. She does so in a persistent, but pleasant way, without being dogmatic or off-putting. She has been successful in obtaining settlements in every one of the several matters she has mediated for me, including one in which the chances of resolution appeared very remote. She is also equally effective with litigants that are represented by counsel as well as those that are attempting to represent themselves.

R.V.N., Esq.

Maria has served as a mediator with respect to a few recent discrimination claims in which I represented the employer. I found Maria to be thoughtful and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Importantly, Maria was relentless in pursuing a potential resolution and used an appropriate amount of pressure to encourage the parties to continue the settlement dialogue. Maria’s extensive experience means that she has quite a few creative approaches to reaching resolution and provides helpful suggestions in analyzing liability and damages. At all times she remained professional and cordial with the parties and their counsel. Overall, I recommend Maria to serve as a mediator in any employment matter.

J.B., Esq.

Maria is a smart, highly capable mediator. I have worked with her on three mediations and each time found her to have a strong understanding of the law, to be a quick study of the facts, and to work hard, with a lot of integrity, fairness, and even-handedness, to get the sides to resolution. She is held in high regard.

A.K., Esq.

I had the pleasure of mediating a case with Maria at MCAD. This was a case where emotions ran high and the chance of settlement seemed very low. By the end of the day Maria’s skills as a mediator proved crucial in reaching settlement and resolving the case. I strongly recommend her mediation services!

T.J.C., Esq.

Maria has mediated several MCAD cases between opposing counsel and me. I find her to be thorough, knowledgeable, and very helpful in bringing sides to reach compromise where possible in a fluid, professional manner. I highly recommend her.

J.K., Esq.