Why Mediate

Invariably, being in dispute – legal or otherwise – is costly. People experience difficulty in resolving their disputes, however, either because they’re unable to achieve enough distance from the issues, or they’re unable to bridge the gap on their own.

These are formidable obstacles to defusing a tense situation. They prevent reaching a leveled-off place for effective problem-solving interaction. Impasse often results.

As your mediator, I help break impasse, and here are some things that make that possible:

  • Mediation does not require you to concede your principles. Your opinions are respected, not judged.
  • Mediation offers swift finality with certainty of outcome – one you craft.
  • Mediation eliminates the risk of an unpredictable outcome.
  • Mediated agreements are desirable because they are known to have a higher rate of compliance thanks to their self-determined nature.
  • Mediation is economical. You’ll spend a matter of hours or days, rather than months or years, resolving your dispute. Furthermore, there’s one mediator’s fee and it’s typically shared between the parties.
  • Mediation is concentrated. All essential decision-makers are gathered for the sole purpose of achieving resolution – perhaps the most effective catalyst for success.

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